Saturday, December 12, 2009


I miss my Dad.
Sometimes it just hits me out of the blue.
Today was one of those days.
Maybe it’s because Christmas is coming.
Perhaps it’s because some days the idea that I can’t talk and laugh with him seems impossibly unfair.
Or maybe it’s because I feel so lucky to have Chuck at the center of my life, I wish he and Dad could have known each other.
Whatever the reason, I miss you Dad.
Thank you for everything...

Original photo, manipulation and layout by LMR/Pink Granite. Software: Apple iPhoto ’09 & Adobe Photoshop CS3 for Mac.


RoasterBoy said...


Anonymous said...

What a great picture, just the way I want to remember him!!!


Pink Granite said...

Hi RB -
You're welcome. Thank you.
- Lee

Hi Gail -
I'm so happy you like it!
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Fathers and Daughters;
Fathers and Son.

When they bond, it's with a crazy glue that can't be found anywhere else in the universe. I miss my Dad too.

Yours is a beautiful tribute and picture!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi George -
You are so right - when they bond it is with unique crazy glue!
Thank you!
- Lee

Sue said...

Awwww no! I'm crying at work again... These people must think I'm loopy! Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful picture...

Anonymous said...

That's how I remember him! XXOO Carrie

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
So sorry to bring tears to your eyes.
That's one of the risks of visiting blogs - we have no idea what the topic of the day will be!
- Lee
P.S. Your colleagues probably think you are simply a full fledged human being!

Hi Carrie -
Oh good!
I'm glad it resonates with you too!
- A.L.

Wendy said...

Sorry I have been out of touch but with Wendy and Lily here I have had no time to keep up with all my favourite blogs. I just want to say that your dad looks just like James Stewart...he looked like such a lovely man. I am sure you miss him. Fiona xx

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fiona -
I have taken the lack of postings from you and Wendy as a sign much merriment in SA!

Thank you for your kind words. Many of us saw Jimmy Stewart in Dad. And Dad was warm, generous and honorable - not unlike George Bailey, the character Mr. Stewart played in "It's A Wonderful Life"!
- Lee