Sunday, December 6, 2009

Two Moments

The Chanukah cards are completed and printed. It all went smoothly until I asked Chuck to pull up our holiday card lists. I needed a count for how many to make. He gave me one number and then quickly corrected himself, reducing it by one. We won’t be sending a card to his Dad this year. Nearly ten months after his passing, it still hit us both with a thud.

A few days ago, a still unfathomable family situation led us to learn much too late about the death of my aunt, the widow of one of my Dad’s brothers. During a conversation with my mother, in the midst of a cascade of emotions, Mom realized that she is now our family’s matriarch. Of four brothers who lived to adulthood and their four wives, only Mom survives and thankfully thrives. Mom is the first born of two in her family, with her younger sister alive, but in serious decline. Learning of the passing of her only remaining sister-in-law and her new uncomfortable status, hit Mom with a thud as well.

The Chanukah cards will go out in tomorrow’s mail, as will a sympathy card to my cousin. We will all continue to adjust and to grieve and to move on. We may wish to think that the holidays are the same every year. But the holidays are new every year. Every year they grow larger with memories. They are a time to celebrate and to remember. In the coming weeks, we will do both.


dancingmorganmouse said...

O, btw, we got your lovely musical card, I may have forgotten to say thany you!
So, thank you,
Morgan Mouse & Mr Brown

Sue said...

This time of year is a tough one for many. The memories of Christmas' past will always be difficult, but they're also so good to have.

On a brighter note, I'm super impressed that you've done all your cards, mine are still in plastic on the counter, so will definitely be late!!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM & Mr. Brown -
- Lee

Hi Sue -
You're so right about the memories!
But don't be too impressed with me - I've yet to do my Christmas cards!
- Lee

Sue said...

Hahaha - I've decided not to send cards this year; it's too late! Next year. My mom did hers last night though.

Hope you & Chuck both well...

barbie2be said...

I have just one auntie left from my fathers side. my mom only had 1 sister that died in 1978 so i don't really have anyone left from my mom's side. that makes me sad. this year for christmas i am giving my niece my mothers wedding ring.