Saturday, August 29, 2009

Senator Kennedy

Senator Edward Moore Kennedy has been laid to rest. His family, friends and colleagues did a beautiful job of hitting absolutely all the right notes, as they celebrated Ted’s life and mourned his passing. Ever since the senator was diagnosed with brain cancer last May we have dreaded this time. Every milestone that Ted was able achieve - his speech at the Democratic Convention, the election of Barack Obama and then the inauguration - we felt gratitude. Seeing television footage of Ted and his wife Vicki, along with their dogs Splash and Sunny, off for a sail on their boat “Maya” we felt happy for them and for every post-diagnosis day they were given.

Now Ted rests at Arlington Cemetery, near to his brothers Bobby and Jack. Now we must join together to bring to fruition the work left undone. If we need guidance, Ted’s grandchildren and great nieces and nephews provided some during today’s funeral mass. The Prayer of the Faithful (part of the Liturgy of the Word within the Catholic mass, adjusted weekly to reflect the particular needs and concerns of a parish and the larger Church) became a call to service. Hearing Teddy’s own words and wisdom read by a younger generation provided inspiration and encouragement.


Kate said...

I was lucky enough to have met Senator Kennedy at the grand opening of a federally funded head start/child care center in Boston a number of years ago. In my limited interaction with him I was struck by his genuine excitement and happiness at just being at the center. He most likely played a significant roll in ensuring a law was passed to help those kids get full time care while their parents could go to work. Down to earth and above us all at the same time.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
That's so wonderful that you were able to meet Senator Kennedy and experience his enthusiasm first hand. It may seem strange to folks from other states or other countries for us to be mourning his passing so intensely. But he managed to touch so many of us, even if we never met him. And he helped so many of us directly and indirectly for so many years.
He will be missed.
- A.L.