Saturday, August 1, 2009

Calico & Creme & Pizza

I just checked and was quite surprised to find that I have never posted about Calico and Creme. It’s a sweet, family run, seasonal restaurant on Williamsville Road in Hubbardston. Donald and Elaine McKay, proprietors for more than a quarter century, are perhaps best known for their homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt. But their pizza is scrumptious too. Occasionally, if you load it up with toppings, the very center of the handmade crust can be a bit soft, but the “pizza bones” (outer crust) are always crisp and chewy. What really makes the pizza memorable though is the red sauce. It has a deep, tangy, tomato flavor and is rich with garlic. During their off season, on a cold winter’s night, we have been known to be nearly overcome by cravings for a Calico and Creme pizza.

We thought you should know that.

: : Update: Calico & Creme will be closing for the season very early this year. Get your fill before the end of Labor Day weekend, because it is going to be a long winter.


RoasterBoy said...

Lee -
Nice shout-out. We have to make a conscious decision not to go there. Our cars have a homing instinct that draws up that tiny road.

Sue said...

Sounds divine. I'm going out for pizza tomorrow night, I'll be bound to describe the experience to you in delicious details. Hopefully with photos!! ;)

Sue X

Miss Rachel said...

Mmm... sounds yummy, but I thought Calico and Creme would be the names of two cats before I read the entry. ;-)