Sunday, August 9, 2009

Puppets, Sheep & Big Money

The recent insanity over healthcare and health insurance reform has left me mute with anger and frustration. Unfortunately, I think that’s exactly what the lobbyists, health insurance companies and right-wing ideologues, mouthpieces, pundits and wingnuts want. The shouters are being manipulated like puppets and carted around like sheep to town hall style meetings, with the stated goal to disrupt. Disruption is not discourse. Disruption is a tactic. This disruption is being fomented by the same ilk who changed “estate tax” to “death tax”. They are taking the thinnest of threads and weaving fantasy fabrics designed to terrify. And they are outright lying - repeatedly, with malice and for their own aggrandizement.

A genuine town meeting is practically a sacred institution. It is a fundamental, hands on, democratic process which requires respect, courage and patience. (Here’s my recent take on our town meetings.) The occasions when congressional representatives come home to their districts and conduct town hall style meetings is a terrific opportunity for voters to speak directly to their senators or representatives and vice versa. So the fact that these sheep and puppets are being brought in to those meetings just to disrupt, dissolve and disintegrate them is deeply offensive to me.

There was a recent article in Mother Jones which addresses the matter and highlights the grave risks if the puppet masters/sheepherders prevail. (Thanks to Jim of Notes to Leicester for the heads up.)

And here is a recent video report from Rachel Maddow showing some of the deep pocketed groups behind all of the lies and disruption. (Or you can view it below.)

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