Thursday, January 15, 2009

We Went To Our Happy Place

We made a pilgrimage to IKEA today. We had promised my Mom we would pick her up a Billy bookcase for her bedroom. (Thanks for the excuse Mom!) But we also wanted to check out their winter sale. As always, from the Showroom to the Cafe to the Marketplace, we had a great time. (Sorry Roo!) It had been quite awhile since we were at the Stoughton store and some areas had been rearranged. But we managed to find everything we were looking for. At one point we couldn’t find the cabinets and sinks for bathrooms display area and were briefly alarmed that we had missed our opportunity to purchase the Hollviken sink we always pine for. But a quick consultation with one of the staff members reassured us that the sink is still in the pipeline (as it were!). And because they said a couple of new collections of cabinets (currently available only in the U.K.) would soon be arriving, we once again resisted the sink. We just wish the Hollviken could fit on Akurum kitchen cabinet bases. That would give us many more style options. I think Chuck and I need to scour the internet for some relevant hacks and put our thinking caps on about the problem. Any suggestions?


dancingmorganmouse said...

google IkeaHacker.

Roo said...

Why not ask that briliant roofer/builder of yours to make you a wooden worktop that the sink will drop into so you can put the sink on top of your preffered cabinets. (that's if he is a good joiner of course) That way you'll have your faves, and something unique and different. ;o)

Sue said...

No suggestions, that sounds very confusing to my little mind at this stage on a Friday morning (9 mins till afternoon). But, next time you go to Ikea, won't you please ask them why South Africa is like the only place in the world where Ikea doesn't exist? I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy your weekend1
Sue x

barbie2be said...

how funny! now that i work right down the road from the east palo alto ikea i keep saying i need to make a run over there. i want to pick up a hanging lamp for my bedroom. but i am afraid that i will ended up buying WAY more than i really need because it is after all, ikea!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I have IKEA Hacker on my link list and it was the first place I went after I posted. Sure enough, someone had installed a Hollviken on a "floating" cherry shelf. Very cool!
- Lee

Hi Roo -
Between Chuck and Roger (our miracle worker/builder) we should be able to something like you described. Doing so would allow us to coordinate with our existing cabinets in the bathroom. Sadly, they are not from IKEA - but they are bought, installed and paid for so they're staying!
- Lee

Hi Sue -
Until I read your comment, I had no idea IKEA wasn't in South Africa. I went to their site and learned that they are nowhere to be found on the entire continent! I'm so sorry! I hope they rectify the situation very soon!
- Lee

Hi B2B -
I understand completely!
Going to IKEA during their Winter Sale is both very good and very dangerous! Add in a stop to their "As Is" section and it's a slippery slope! But I (and no doubt Sue) envy your proximity!
- Lee