Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Still Wish...

Last year and the year before, I wrote and posted this piece. My feelings have not changed. I believe it bears repeating. Even though we have just crossed over into a new presidential administration, we still have the same membership on the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is key to this issue.

Today is the 36th anniversary of the United States Supreme Court Decision known as Roe v. Wade.

In light of this anniversary I have a few wishes to state:

- I wish, that from this moment on, no woman would ever have to make the decision to have an abortion.
- I wish contraceptives, including the morning after pill, would always be readily available to all women.
- I wish that all young people would be taught age appropriate sex and health education.
- I wish that all young people would be taught that abstinence is a legitimate choice, at the same time they get clear information about all forms of contraception.
- And I wish that abortion would always be safe and legal and available to all women.


Nana Fi said...

Here here!!! A silly English way of saying I whole heartedly agree! I wonder who though up that saying. Fiona xxx

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fiona -
Actually, even though it began with the British, "Hear, Hear!" is a common expression over here as well and has the same meaning.
I so appreciate your agreement and support.
- Lee

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

Great post and reminder.
This could be a collective and community wish. We have the momentum of the post-inaugeration rush. Let's get the vibe out there!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Cherie said...

I agree with every one of your wishes! Thanks for sharing!

Pink Granite said...

Hi George & Cherie -
Thank you for leaving a comment of support on this very difficult and divisive topic.
- Lee

Sue said...

I wish all those things too!! Actually, I was talking about this with a friend recently and said the best form of teenage contraception would be to get a group of new moms together on stage to discuss the discomforts of pregnancy, birth and a baby. Should put most of them off sex for just about forever... Sue x

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Sounds like an excellent addition to any health education program!
- Lee