Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Frozen Moments

I’ve always enjoyed taking photographs. But the freedom afforded me by my digital Canon PowerShot S2 IS, brings me great joy. I love being able to snap away, trying different angles and settings. The Wednesday into Thursday storm this past week provided me with ample opportunities to play - and play I did!

A lilac twig, encased in ice, topped with a snow toque. I like the bokeh effect.

This is the field I wrote about in my poem “Two Days In August”.

Trees against trees, playing with light, foreground and background.


dancingmorganmouse said...

will the lilac bloom come spring do you think?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

You photographs resonate and bring me joy. I've mentioned before that, at times, I miss the Northeast of my upbringing. especially this time of the year (I don't know why).

Additionally, I believe it's less about the camera and more about the eye of the photographer.

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi Morgan -
Yes absolutely. While the severity of the last ice storm was very unusual, this sort of ice/sleet/snow combo is pretty common. As long as the twigs or branches aren't broken, all will be well.
- Lee

Hi George -
Thank you so much for your generous words!
I know you've been having your fair share of snow in New Mexico, but I'm happy to share a little of our northeastern winters with you.
- Lee

barbie2be said...

these photos are gorgeous. the kind i have always wished that i could take.

i need to get a new camera. i love my point and shoot k*dak but it's obvious that i need something with more options.

ok, complete off topic: my word verification this time is perses. that is the name of the woman who is my bosses, bosses, boss here at slac!

Pink Granite said...

Hi B2B -
The Canon PowerShot S2 IS, (which we bought at the end of 2005) is not a wildly deluxe, all the bells, whistles and lenses kind of camera. But I love it and have yet to begin to tap all of it's potential.

Yes, the word verification is occasionally startling and often amusing!
- Lee