Friday, January 23, 2009


On Monday, after we dropped off Cassie at the veterinary hospital, we stopped in at the Quabbin Reservoir. The Swift River Valley towns of Prescott, Enfield, Greenwich and Dana no longer exist. The towns were taken by the state in the 1930s. The citizens were uprooted; graves relocated. Aqueducts were constructed and the valley was “drowned” in order to supply Boston and it’s greater metropolitan area with clean drinking water.

The Quabbin Reservoir still provides drinking water to citizens of the Commonwealth living 60 plus miles away to the east. To drive along the roads or hike the trails, it’s visually difficult to reconcile Quabbin’s tumultuous, wrenching past with the peaceful wildlife refuge it is today. But in the stillness, especially on a snow muffled day, you can begin to sense the folks who once went to school, farmed and made lives there; who were born and died there.


dancingmorganmouse said...

The deer that invade my mum's garden have never had to put up with that sort of snow - it would blow their tiny bambie minds.

Anonymous said...



Papamoka said...

My wife's sister lives out in New Salem, the far side of the Quabin from your pictures, and during dry spells you can go to the point and still see some of the old roads of the flooded towns. It is such a beautiful area.

Oh, and Lee, have you ever visited the State Hatchery just up the road on route 9 on the left from the last Quabin gate? Free admission and thousands of trout. My kids love that part of the Quabin adventure trip!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee,

I continue to enjoy your photographs. They're simply wonderful! I also enjoy the accompanying story.

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Poor NSW, Australian Bambis would probably appreciate at least a dusting of snow these days!
- Lee

Hi Gail -
Thanks! So glad you liked them!
- Lee

Hi Papamoka -
It is a beautiful area!
I remembered you have peeps up that way from that great Obama video!
We've driven by the hatchery, but never stopped in. Thanks for the tip!
- Lee

Hi George -
I'm happy to keep the northeast winter images coming. So glad you enjoyed it all!
- Lee

Roo said...

Wonderful pictures ;o) We have some lakes here (In the Lake District funnily enough) that occasionaly get so low, you see the old dwellings. In the drought of the late 70's almost one entire village was exposed, eirie because it was practically intact, not bulldozed or anything.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Oh my, that does sound eerie and sad.
The whole idea of taking towns to create a reservoir makes me angry. I guess I put myself into the homeowners shoes.
- Lee