Monday, November 17, 2008

A Little More Buttoning Up

While the meteorologists said today would be the warmest day of the week, we still had a few tiny, tentative snow flurries this afternoon. Of course these arrived just as Chuck was climbing the ladder to clean the gutter on the front of the barn. Because our barn is old and swaybacked, even after extensive renovations, our fairly new gutter has a matching dip in it. The gutter guys who took the installation job were none too pleased with our obvious contentment with a less than rectilinear structure, but gutter us they did. The consequence is that every autumn, after the last oak leaf from the tree next to the barn has drifted to the ground, Chuck climbs up the ladder and empties the troughy part of the gutter of its accumulated debris. If for some reason Chuck does not climb the ladder, come spring, little green shoots will start sprouting up in the lowest point of the gutter; a jaunty spring green feather in the barn’s cap!

Another task we tended to today was checking the drain in our cellar. Late this summer, we noticed what we initially thought was just the opening of a chipmunk tunnel in our driveway. But then it got bigger - and deeper. Luckily it got smaller and eventually disappeared. But during the expansion, contraction and deconstruction, we began to have a nagging worry that the hole might just be over the approximate line our cellar drain runs along. Considering the excitement we had last September with our waste pipe, we vacillated between the narrow range of out of sight, out of mind and putting our heads firmly in the sand. Today we pulled our heads out, dragged a hose into the cellar and ran water through the cellar drain. The important word in the last sentence was “through”. It worked. No puddles formed at my feet; another bullet dodged!

Hmmm... I think I’m beginning to understand why people move to condominiums...


Roo said...

Wahta great word "Swaybacked" - now tell me what it means in realtion to Barns, please ;o)

I have to get up onto the new roof to clear leaves from between it and the conservatory roof, where are the extendable arms when I need them!

I'm glad the drain is clear too, although we have deprived of a good story! Hope the snow stays off until you are ready for it. It's cold wet and miserable here!

Roo said...

Wahta = what

Roo said...

Oh sod it - I really must watch my typing, see "relation"

Pink Granite said...

Hi Roo -
Swaybacked in a barn is really the same as in an old, tired horse, grazing in a field. Only instead of a pronounced downward curve along the horse's back (as if the saddle and rider have been too heavy to bear), the peak of our barn roof is not straight and true, but dips toward the ground in the center!

Be careful up on that roof! Just recently, Fiona's husband went crashing off theirs. Thankfully he's OK, but I'll bet Nana Fi's heart is still pounding!

No worries about the typos. It's like a little puzzle left within the comment!

Thanks for the good wishes - weather and otherwise!
- Lee

Wendy said...

Oh Lee my goodness house ownership is quite draining isn't it? pardon the pun :)

If it were me your barn would be wearing that jaunty feather in her cap

Pink Granite said...

Hi Wendy -
Great pun! And yes, some days it really is a pain in the neck!
Before you think us too virtuous, we've seen that miniature garden growing in the gutter first hand. The feather description was reportage not imagination!
- Lee

Kent said...

Hi Lee, sounds like life is one continious adventure. I am impressed by your understanding and calmness in the face of these challenges. That horse example was priceless, and right on point.

Our weather in Atlanta is just turning cooler. Take care.


barbie2be said...

we had nearly 75 here today. and while i am happy as a clam that we having had to turn on the house furnace yet, i am scratching my head wondering when winter will arrive and when it does will it be super cold?

sillytestingblog said...

Free trees!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kent -
Thanks! We try to remain cool under fire, but sometimes there are moments when we feel a bit overwhelmed! Small steps seem to be the key to success.

Enjoy your cooler weather. After the heat and humidity of a Georgia summer you deserve the respite!
- Lee

Hi B2B -
We were down to 20 last night, with wind chill in the singe digits! Perhaps that means even you folks will get some seasonal temperatures soon. I wish I could send some gentle, steady rain to your south...
- Lee