Sunday, November 2, 2008

Determination Leads To Inspiration

I am so impressed and inspired by one couple’s determination to vote in the presidential election on Tuesday. Citizens of New York State who are currently living abroad in India travelled 9300 miles just to be able to cast their votes November 4th! They had followed all the proper steps to get an absentee ballot, but when it did not arrive in India, they headed home.

Please read their story. No matter where you live in this country or the world, their belief in democracy and deep desire to cast their votes and participate in the political process will inspire you.

Turn HOPE into reality. VOTE!


Nana Fi said...

I have never been so interested in an American election in my life, but am so enjoying all the coverage and bantering that is going on. I love Obama and really hope that he wins. You are so inspiring I wish I could vote too!!!! Wishing you all the best for tomorrow. Love Fiona xx

Sue said...

Wow - that is amazing!! We have our voter registration this weekend and, because I've moved since the last elections, I have to re-register to vote in my area. Happy voting tomorrow, will be thinking of you all!! XXX

Pink Granite said...

Hi Fiona -
It is very encouraging and gratifying that so many people all around the world are paying attention to this election and rooting for Barack Obama! It also adds an added weight to the election which, after the results of 2000 and 2004, is a positive thing!
Thank you for the good wishes!
- Lee

Hi Sue -
It was amazing! 9300 miles!
Good luck with your voter registration and with all of the political challenges you are currently facing in South Africa!
Thank you for your good wishes!
- Lee