Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Up & Down

On both of our visits with Chuck’s Dad yesterday, he was very subdued, withdrawn and sleepy. Because of that, it was the toughest day for us. Then, on our visit this morning, it was as if we had been transported back to the spring. Dad was downright chipper compared to yesterday, enjoying his beverages and interacting with us - including some big smiles. But after about a half an hour, Dad’s energy ran out. There’s no way to know what we’ll find when we visit with him this afternoon, but we felt so lucky to have been there with him during that bright spot.


purpleronnie said...

Those good moments make it all worthwhile I am sure - remember to save them up with all the smiles to take with you through those low moments.

Still wishing .. xx

dancingmorganmouse said...

Just save those smiles.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Veronica & Morgan -
We are definitely saving all the smiles...
Many thanks
- Lee