Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wicked Cool

There’s a wicked cool Photoshop video tutorial from NAPP Executive Director Larry Becker over on Corey Barker’s Planet Photoshop. It’s called “Abstract Backgrounds”. It is very easy to follow and left me slackjawed with all the nifty permutations and possibilities - think filters, digi-scrap papers and more. Check it out here!

My experiment:
From stones to stripes


Sue said...

Very, very cool!!! I just need to get photoshop now...

Roo said...

I agree with Sue, that is cool... I may have to go and play.

My problem with Photoshop is that you buy the "new" version and within 5 months they are marketing another.. I'm sure they would do better at marketing the "added extras" for people who already use it, or am I not looking at it from the capitalists point of view... hmmm

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Photoshop Elements has lots of the bang of Photoshop CS5 but for far fewer bucks. It's a really great way to begin.

Hi Roo -
I too wish they would market an upgrade package, not just the full upgrade discount.

I made the leap from Elements to Photoshop CS3 right before CS4 came out. I did it on purpose because I got a steep discount. Then a couple of years later I upgraded to CS5 for the cheaper upgrade price.

So, when I total up all my Photoshop expenditures - including what I spent on Elements originally, I have yet to pay what Photoshop CS5 now sells for at full price!

Ya gotta love a bargain!
- Lee