Saturday, October 9, 2010

Preemie Power!

Whenever Isabella Rose raises her fist in the air like this I call it “Preemie Power”!

Isabella was born at just 26 weeks on August 5th, weighing one pound six ounces. We said from the beginning that she struck us as ”sweet and strong”. That continues to be our impression. She began feeding from a bottle on September 26th. Then she also began nursing on September 28th! She now weighs three pounds, five ounces (1.5 Kgs) - give or take a few grams. Wow! Carrie and Al continue to be wonderful parents. And Carrie has been recovering steadily from the Severe Preeclampsia and its attendant complications. Hurray!


barbie2be said...

you go, isabella!

Wendy said...

she is so so sweet. look how big her babygrow (onesie) is for her. as we would say in south africa. ag shame man.
I have loved cheering her on and I can see Carrie and Al are the most amazing parents, and Chuck and Yourself the most amazing Auntie and Uncle .
preemie power!

Ms Brown Mouse said...

PINK premmie power :)

Roo said...

Cool ;o)

GAIL said...

Wonderful picture and I will be forever in your debt for sending all the pics and videos. They make me feel that I am in touch with my grandaughter and Carrie ad Al.

I thought Chuck was a saint but apparently there is room for two of you!


Pink Granite said...

Thanks B2B!

Thank you Wendy! That "regular" preemie outfit is roomy, but she has already grown out of one of the "tiny" preemie outfits we bought her - hurray!

Hey DMM - Totally rockin' very pink Preemie Power!

Roo it is very cool indeed!

Hi Gail -
Thank you for your kind and generous words! It has been our absolute pleasure to document and share Isabella's first weeks with the family! We can only begin to imagine how hard it is to be so far away.
- Lee

Sue said...

Plus, chicks rule!!

She's gorgeous and they're all doing so well. I love being part of this journey!

Sue X