Monday, October 11, 2010

Autumn In Shadow

It was a warm, sunny Autumn day. I was hanging laundry on the front porch, while also trying not to step on a cat’s tail. In glancing down to avoid said tail, the shadows caught my attention. I thought of Roo who, in his photography, has a wonderful eye for shadows. I stopped and reached for my camera. This is the result.

Speaking of Roo,
Happy Anniversary to Andrew and Peter!


Ms Brown Mouse said...

They look like some leafy prints I did in high school, ooo, about 100 years ago. Lovely, lovely, your photos I mean.

Sue said...

Gorgeous pics :o)

And happy anniversary to Andrew & Peter - I cannot believe it!! Congratulations!

Sue X

Roo said...

OOoh I'm a tad flattered (a lot actually) and thanks to all for the wonderful best wishes

:o) xx

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I remember some blue "sunshine prints" back in the day and also using a leaf to cut out a pattern to batik fabric for a skirt. Good times!

Hi Sue -
It's so nice to celebrate two people in love!
Like you and Danie!

Hi Roo -
I'm happy you're flattered. You provide great inspiration.

All the best to you and Peter!