Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remember This Guy?

Yes, we’re back in Bar Harbor, Maine; staying in the same hotel and we’re hoping to see our winged friend from last spring, tomorrow morning.

We drove up in a mix of sun and rain, arriving just after sunset. The waves sound wonderful. The fact that we are here means that our grandniece Isabella is doing so well that we decided to keep our reservations. Those were the reservations we made last spring, timed so that we would be back home in plenty of time before Carrie and “Bambalina’s” original due date of November 6th! Izzy now weighs three pounds, fifteen ounces (1.79 Kgs) and is off all of her supplemental oxygen - hurray! It will still be a while before she is able to head home with Mom and Dad, but we are all delighted with every milestone she passes.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Enjoy your holiday. Will you be celebrating her supposed to be birthday as well as her actual in the future do you think ?

Sue said...

Fantastic, hope you have a fantastic break. I am DYING for a holiday. Anywhere will do. Looking forward to lots of photos!!


PS. Great news on Izzy, can't wait for them to be able to take her home now!

Anonymous said...

I remember Jonathan Livingston

Have a great time!!


Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Oh what an interesting question.
I have no idea - although multiple celebrations are always a good idea!
But I do know that some parents of preemies will tell strangers the "adjusted age" of their child rather than the actual. It saves on all the "Oh he/she is so tiny for six months." etc.

Hi Sue -
It really is super duper news! We're grateful for all the good care she is getting in the NICU. Her Mom and Dad want her home ASAP but, on the other hand, not an instant too soon - such a tough balancing act!

Hi Gail -
Thank you!
And we're looking forward to seeing you soon!
- Lee