Friday, August 27, 2010

The Wormtown Fleet

Jeff of Wormtown Taxi has been battling with and blogging about his cancer diagnosis and treatment. His daily routine has been dramatically altered which means he is no longer out and about on the streets of Worcester, Massachusetts. Jeff has been an inveterate snapper of photos. As he drove his taxi throughout the city and beyond, Jeff took photos and video of whatever caught his fancy, struck his funny bone or, most likely, triggered the sharp-eyed cynic in him.

Nicole of Nicole, Worcester (AKA NIcoleCommaWoo) reached out to Jeff’s fellow Worcester Area bloggers to see if we could all band together to train our cameras on Worcester. Yes, it’s true, we all recognize it is a sisyphean task for us to collectively try to match Jeff’s productivity. But we can give him a tip o‘ the hat as we humbly post a few of our own pics.

Here’s Nicole’s more thorough explanation of what “The Wormtown Fleet” is all about - and how you can join us in the project.

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