Saturday, August 14, 2010

One Day At A Time

This has been an unusual few months. As my sister-in-law put it, we got “up close and personal with the health care system” this summer. (Yes, she is the mistress of the understatement!) I’m at the five and a half week mark in my post-surgery recuperation - less than three weeks to go. Our niece Carrie’s condition improved enough so that she has been discharged from the hospital. And our beautiful grandniece Isabella continues to make progress.

In her first week Isabella gained a little weight and added an inch to her length. When we spend time with her, despite her petite size, we have absolute confidence she will grow and thrive and have a long healthy, happy life. It is only when the phone rings with updates or we look up a symptom or procedure on the internet, that we feel a little flush of fear wash over us.

The risks are never far from our minds. Yet we try to stay focused on the all that is good; all that is working. We remain grateful and try to remember to be here now.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Lee, do not Google medical things, it can only lead to panic, believe me, I know :)
All sounds good, tightropey, but good.

Sue said...

I agree with Ms Brown Mouse - Google is not always a good thing! You are all being so brave though and I'm sure baby Isabella knows how much she is loved already.

Sue X

Irene said...

Every day certainly is a gift! I'm glad she's continuing to grow and thrive.