Saturday, August 7, 2010

Day Three Begins

Today was another positive day for Carrie and Bambalina. Carrie felt much stronger and better than yesterday. Bambalina had a good day too and met her Great Grandmother “Nana”. She also held her Daddy’s finger!

The other big news is that the name Bambalina will now be retired and become part of our beautiful grandniece’s birth story. As of today, her name is officially Isabella Rose! Miss Isabella is only 52 hours old. Yet she has nestled right into our hearts and filled us with wonder.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

What a beautiful name, and properly spelled too. Big bonus points to the parents on all counts xxx

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
I agree completely! It is a perfectly lovely name. When we heard the three finalists - all of which were grand - we tried to appear neutral. But deep down we were rooting for Isabella Rose!

And as far as I know Mom and Dad have not gotten "creative" with the spelling! Big points indeed!

Wendy said...

welcome little Isabella to the big world. what a miracle she is . she is going to bring you all untold joy. as for holding her dads finger. oh my word how amazing!
Yourself and Chuck will surely be the best Great Aunt and Uncle ever :)
love W

barbie2be said...

i love the name isabella. i was going to name my daughter that if i ever had one. :)

Sue said...

I didn't want to say earlier that I love the name Isabella, just in case they went the other way, but I really do. My sister is Rosanne, aka Rose, so I love that too. Gorgeous name for a gorgeous little angel!

Sue X