Sunday, March 7, 2010

Looking Ahead

It’s much easier to believe that we will always be as hale and hearty as we are today, rather than face the possibility of an infirm future.

Chuck received a call from a fellow he used to work with many years ago. They’ve stayed in touch mostly through holiday cards and seeing each other at occasional parties for colleagues who are retiring. Al is an octogenarian, but the years are weighing very heavily on his body. He has a variety of health challenges, some quite serious. But, like so many folks we know, he is fighting determinedly to remain independent.

As Chuck and I went for our walk this afternoon, we found ourselves talking about what might be in our future. When we moved to this two story house a decade and a half ago, one of the things we evaluated was, if necessary, could we live just on the first floor. There was sufficient space, but we would need a full (and fully accessible) bathroom to be installed on the ground floor. With that remodel, we would expand our options considerably. Keep in mind, that when we moved here, we were still hoping to have children and raise a family. But even at that stage of our lives, we were acutely aware of the long view.

So as we walked ‘round and ‘round the track today, we decided to move the downstairs bathroom farther up the “To Do” list. We also realize that the walking - and anything else we can do to improve our health - will go a very long way to keep us well and strong as long as possible. And with any luck, all our preparations will be like the insurance of remembering to grab your umbrella as you head out the door: it won’t rain a drop!


dancingmorganmouse said...

This is the sort of thing that keeps me awake at night, worry, worry, what if, worry!
But you're right, it's good to plan ahead, we really should.
Right, off to find my "gentle nagging" hat.

Roo said...

Peter's mum had one installed in a space that they couldn't find a use for, when they lived over here in the UK (Spain now)a good while back, and they said used it more and more.

I'd suggest thinking of a wet room idea, as we are seeing more people asking for these in the homes we build as they are a great way to transform a bathroom to suit different needs.

Keep up the walking ;o)

Sue said...

It's very scary having to think of all these things, but life happens. Life happens fast and we need to have a plan for the what if's. I'm with DMM - I lie awake and worry, it's bad for your health! If you have a plan, you don't need to worry (now just to follow my own advice)...

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Planning ahead sure does feel like the key. It makes me feel less worried and gives me something concrete to work towards.

Hi Roo -
Thanks for the good information and the advice. By a wet room I assume you mean a central drain. Sounds like something which would keep the room most flexible.

Hi Sue -
There are days when the challenges our ERs and other senior friends are facing can overwhelm us. But with a little perspective and space we can learn from them and plan accordingly.

Thanks All!
- Lee