Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Should Have Grabbed The Camera Before The Knife & Fork

So, the other day, I sliced a very small eggplant, the long way, into 4 slices.
I brushed them with olive oil, dusted them with salt and grilled them.
I mixed some part-skim ricotta cheese with pesto and some black pepper.
I took two thin chicken cutlets out of the refrigerator.

In two gratin dishes I drizzled a teeny bit of olive oil.
I laid one grilled eggplant slice into each dish.
I spread one quarter of the ricotta/pesto mixture on each eggplant slice.
I laid a chicken cutlet on top of the ricotta/pesto mixture.
I spread the remaining ricotta/pesto mixture on top of the chicken.
Then I laid the remaining eggplant slice on top of that.
I grated some asiago cheese over the top eggplant.
For a little zip, I put a few thin slices of pepperoni on the top.

I popped the two gratin dishes into the convection oven at about 350F.
It cooked perfectly! (No dreaded rubber chicken!) And it was yummy. It was difficult to know when the chicken was properly cooked - without endangering the stacked, sandwich effect. Next time I will lightly grill the chicken first.


Wendy said...

yum!! its the morning but I could eat that right now!

dancingmorganmouse said...

I'm inspired.

Anonymous said...

sounds yummy..did you grill outside? CC

Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
It really was very tasty. Chuck gave me the look which said "Please remember how you made this." What better way than to post it here!

Carrie - I didn't grill it outside. That would have been even better. I used a grill pan, but a flat griddle pan does a good job of getting eggplant slices nicely browned as well.
- Lee

P.S. BTW, These are my favorite gratin dishes.

Sue said...

YUM! You make me want to learn how to cook!!

Sue X

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
I'm sure now that you're in your own house, you'll be experimenting in the kitchen more!
Truthfully, this "recipe" was just as simple as it sounds. Like making an eggplant and chicken sandwich and then popping it in the oven!
- Lee