Tuesday, October 1, 2013

You Had ONE Job...

So, the Federal Government of The United States of America has been shutdown.

Thank you Republicans.

The members of the US House of Representatives get paid $174,000 a year. (Some have argued that they aren’t paid enough. The theory being that if they were paid even more, then they would be less vulnerable to big-money, deep-pocketed lobbyists and corporations.) So there they are, getting paid handsomely for their time, as members of an extremely elite group, who have the power to make things better for not only their constituents but for all the citizens of our country and, often, for the whole world.

Did the Republicans do that one job? No. They worked very hard and very steadily to shut down the government. They started working on that job ages ago. Sorry guys (and it really is mostly older, white guys) that wasn’t the job description. That wasn’t what the Founding Fathers you claim to revere had in mind and it sure as hell wasn’t what the voters had in mind when they went to the polls last November.

Now that you Republicans have had your hissy fit, your temper tantrum, your break with reality, your frat-boy kegger at our expense, do what Democratic Congressman Jim McGovern of Massachusetts said: Put on your big boy pants.

You have one job fellas. Do it.


Anonymous said...

sounds like another whiny Democrat whose welfare check is delayed....

Anonymous said...

Well said Lee and to Anonymous, "you ignorant slut"