Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Flu Vax

‘Tis the season for flu shots - at least in the Northern Hemisphere. Chuck’s Doc told him that cases have already been reported in California. He recommended this year we get our flu shots sooner rather than later. We did that on Saturday. It was at a “Flu Clinic” in our doctors’ offices. The situation was not handled all that well. Turns out, we had some options, which we weren’t expecting.

First off, the website is still statically operational. But thanks to the Republicans in Congress, for the foreseeable future, it cannot be updated. That said, it really does have a wealth of useful information. Likewise, the CDC site has a great deal of information. But it too is only statically available.

Here are some of the choices you may face when you go for your flu vaccine:

Trivalent, Standard Dose, Intramuscular
Trivalent, Standard Dose, Intradermal
Trivalent, High Dose, Intramuscular
Quadrivalent, Standard Dose, Intramuscular
Quadrivalent, Standard Dose, Intranasal

Honestly, there may be even more options than I have listed here. But I wanted to mention these so that you have the opportunity to do a little research and be better prepared than we were when we attended the Flu Clinic. It’s also quite possible that where you go may have just one variety available.

Because there are a great many age and health related recommendations for who should get which vaccine, please visit the and CDC websites to learn more.

Bottom line: Everyone 6 months of age and older, who is eligible, should get some one of the flu vaccines.

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