Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear National Grid, NSTAR, et al

Thank you.
Thank you for all your long hours and hard work.
Special thanks to the linemen who go out in all sorts of miserable and dangerous conditions so that our lives can be easier and safer.
And thank you for restoring power to my nieces’ homes after Irene left them in the dark.

Now I’d like a word with management.

Please bury your power lines.

Your infrastructure is aging.
Your lines and poles are vulnerable.
I know because during the ice storm of December 2008 our power was out for 157 hours - nearly seven days.
Because of Hurricane Irene more than seven million homes and businesses lost power.

Is burying the power lines expensive?
Damn straight it’s expensive.
But so is the cost to homeowners, businesses, insurance companies, municipalities and the utility companies themselves when power lines come crashing down under the weight of ice or the fierce power of hurricanes.
Isn’t burying power lines complicated by all of the coordination with municipalities?
Will burying the power lines keep us from ever losing power?
Will burying the power lines help?
Damn straight.


Lee/Pink Granite

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