Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ben’s A Father

...but not a Dad.

Because he donated to a sperm bank, Ben Seisler is the biological father of at least 75 children. The subtitle on the Boston Globe article by Linda Matchan reads: “As kids conceived with donated sperm grow up, life may get complicated for donors”.
But aren’t the lives of the 75 half-siblings just as complicated - if not more so?

Read the complete, thought provoking article here.


Anonymous said...


Seems to me at the very least that a cap, so to speak, ought to be put on the number of times a man's sperm can be used. This is ludicrous and I cannot wait for the special on Style.


Sue said...

I haven't had a chance to read the full artical yet, but wow! 75 sucessful impregnations from one guy? That's gotta be a record!! I can only imagine what the guy's in for when the kids start following up on this...

I am friends with a lesbian couple, who wanted a family. Only one woman was prepared to carry a baby, but they went off to the sperm bank and L was impregnated. A few years later, they decided that they wanted a second child and were hoping to get the same donor (that way the kids would've had 100% the same genetics), but they were told this wasn't possible. By the time they wanted their second child, the first donor had already successfully fathered 5 children. Because of the gene pool, that is the limit. So they now have two beautiful children, with two different "fathers".

I can't believe that America doesn't have these regulations (I'm not 100% sure that this is a law, but it is what my friends were told)...

Sue X

Fiona said...

Wow this was so interesting. A very good friend of mine is having a baby from a sperm donar and I have actually thought about it a lot. In a way it is so sad that there are so many unwanted children who could benefit from adoption, but there is just so much red tape so they stay orphans.The world is a mixed up place.