Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Boy!

Kate called to tell us that she and Phil are expecting a baby boy! I squealed with delight, but then added that we would have been just as happy to hear it was a baby girl! Truthfully, we just want Kate, the baby and Phil to all be healthy and happy, now and forever, Amen. Still, the idea of having a boy born into the family is very exciting because right now there are a whole lot of girls.

Unlike when Kate’s sister Carrie was pregnant with “Bambalina” who became Isabella Rose, we all know the name of the baby already. Phil is in the unusual position of being not just a “junior” or a “third”, but a “fourth”! So “Phil the Fifth”, or “P5” is officially on the way! P5 is joining a very interesting, exciting, loving and fun loving family. We can hardly wait to see what he brings to the mix!


Kate said...

We are working on nicknames. Right now, we like "Finn," which is both Irish and slang for a five dollar bill. We'll see! I think we will know when he comes out just what to call him. Who knows, maybe we will just stick with having another Phil in the house!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Kate -
Finn is a very cool nickname!
I think you're right, you'll work out exactly what's the right fit once he is in your arms!

Wendy said...

eeeek how exciting. congratulations to Kate and Phil and of course the great aunty and Uncle on the blue news :)

Wendy said...

ps. love Finn so so much

Sue said...

Fantastic news!!! I am so thrilled for you all. Boys are gorgeous, mischievous, patience-testing, bundles of energy and fun and little P5 is going to bring them so many years of joy and love.

Thinking of you all, sending lots of love and congratulations! Hope the pregancy, etc goes really well! Can't wait to meet the little guy!

Sue X

Roo said...

Hey hey

Finn is cool. I still haven't met my great niece Poppy yet, but when I do, they may be the odd photo!

Cheers ;o)