Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Different Weather Reference

I am officially under the weather - and this time I am not referring to the snow. I have a cold. On the up side, the symptoms - of which I have them ALL - are progressing rapidly. But in the throes of an overwhelming coughing jag this morning, when Chuck commented on said speed, I quipped/hacked back “Yeah, at this rate I’ll be dead by Thursday.” It’s not that bad, not really. But it does suck pond water. Before I tip over into whining (Oh? I already went there?) I will say that WebMD has some nifty cold vs. flu vs. bronchitis vs. pneumonia pages which you might enjoy perusing. I know I did.

In other news...

: : A month ago, I asked if anyone had suggestions for a good personal health record or medical record template for Apple’s Numbers. I’ve come up empty on that front. But I did find an interesting resource on the web called MyPHR. I haven’t found exactly what I was looking for, but there is a wealth of useful information on the website.

: : After a protracted period of frustration over a challenging situation with an ER (elderly relative), things seem to have taken a turn for the better. It involves independence, choices, and safety. We hope that this recent trend continues. But even if it all evaporates, we have learned another batch of lessons which we can make every effort to apply to our own futures.

: : Turner Classic Movies is good almost all of the time. But during its annual “31 Days Of Oscar” it is especially great. Add in my cold and TCM serves as a perfect distraction.

: : Isabella’s parents got the green light to give the 10 pound, 11 ounce / 4.85 kilogram baby her first taste of cereal. Oh my! According to her Mom, Izzy mooshed the teaspoon of rice cereal about in her mouth and then dribbled it down her chin. But the little spoon was a big hit!


Sue said...

Shame PG, hope you're feeling better soon!! Stay warm and make sure Chuck spoils you with foot massages and warm chicken broth!!

Fantastic news about Isabella's move onto solids, she'll grow in leaps and bounds now. I'm so proud of how well she's done...

Sue x

Wendy said...

oh feel better soon Lee. I can empathise as i too am under the weather. good thing you have those movies to get you through.
good news on the ER ( haha not emergency room)
we can all store things away for our old age. I make mental notes all the time not to be certain ways when Im older.
and yay for Isabella on baby rice. its all go now. how sweet

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ladies -
Thanks for the good wishes!
The cold is continuing its rapid trip through my respiratory system. I'm hoping it finds the exit soon!

Isn't it amazing how a little rice cereal can be such a bright spot for the whole family?

BTW, all credit for the abbreviation "ER" goes to Morgan - although on Twitter it can be alarming!
- Lee