Tuesday, February 8, 2011

4 or 5

Just four or five inches of medium weight, wettish snow arrived this morning. Pretty good snowball snow - if I had ever been into that sort of thing. I hated snowball fights. The feeling of snow stinging your face or landing on your neck and sliding down icily under your layers of winter clothes. No thank you.

But this was pretty. And it was warm enough to be able to quickly scrape the walk clear and little enough to just drive the car out over it - no snowblower required.


GAIL said...

We are expecting close to an entire INCH of snow which means here in Georgia things will come to a screeching halt.

Absolutely amazing!

Roo said...

We are all cleared now, the only thing white on the ground are the snowdrops just coming into flower ;o)

Sue said...

I love this picture, I can just imagine what the air smells and feels like in your lungs. Enjoy the cold - it's hot and humid here, I need a swim!!
Sue X

PS. Roo - snowdrops are just about my favourite flowers ever!

Roo said...

Sue - when it stops raining, I'll go and take some photos for you ;o)