Wednesday, November 17, 2010


The television advertisement for the 2011 Toyota Highlander gives me the creeps. It’s the one with the little kid dissing his parents’ older minivan, as he climbs into another parent’s Highlander. (While complimenting “Mrs. J.” on her choice of ride, he channels a young Eddie Haskell.) The kid’s tagline is: “Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have to be lame.” Ouch. The base price range for this SUV is $28,200 to $43,755. Freakin’ A! I’ve got no problem with capitalism and free enterprise, but Toyota, is this really the path you want go down to peddle your wares in a recession?


Sue said...

Shew... that's really bad!! We have Toyota ads here with a talking boxer, who looks just like Laila, only with human's teeth. They're very sweet. Toyota USA needs a kick in the pants!! As I keep telling Jake - money doesn't grow on trees!

Kate said...

Bonus points go to Geico however for their Woodchuck and Little Piggie Said Weeee ads. Those crack me up.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Why is it all TV kids have some sort of speech impediment do you suppose?