Thursday, November 4, 2010

2011 Is Just Around The Corner

If you are looking for a gorgeous 2011 calendar, Ilva Beretta, of the beautiful and delicious food blog Lucullian Delights is selling her calendar over at Red Bubble. A Swedish ex-pat living in Italy, Ilva’s wall calendar features some of her best photographs. Hanging in your kitchen, they are bound to provide you with culinary inspiration - and her recipes are just a few clicks away on her blog.


Ilva said...

But you are just amazing Lee, Thank you so much. I'm deeply moved, ouch age is making me weepy - big thank you hug!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ilva -
Your photography is stunning and your recipes creative without being pretentious.
I'm happy to spread the word about your work and this calendar!

Plus, I will be forever grateful for how you helped me to think outside the box about eggplant - yum!

Hugs back to you...
- Lee

Pink Granite said...

P.S. Here's the post where I reference Ilva's eggplant recipe: