Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Combos

This weekend I discovered two new combinations of food and drink which were especially enjoyable.

: : Aunt Nellie’s Onions, creamed in the traditional * way with a butter and flour roux, taste quite fine with the addition of well-drained, chopped spinach. I crushed the onions after creaming. Depending on how you tweak the seasoning and what ingredients you add, it can become the tangy, oniony version of spinach-artichoke dip - minus the artichokes!

: : Wild Turkey Liqueur with Honey tastes even zippier with a splash of Limoncello. Definitely good for what ails you - or whatever you imagine might possibly be ailing you, now or in the future! In the interest of science and medicine, I also tried orange liqueur but Cointreau and Grand Marnier didn’t play as well with the WTL.

* Make the butter and flour roux. Slowly add the liquid from the Aunt Nellie’s jar of onions. (Aunt Nellie’s has a more involved recipe for creamed onions on their website. It looks interesting, but has never graced a holiday table in my family!)

Thanks to Ilva and Morgan for asking all the right questions!


Ilva said...

We have to thank you for your research on the Wild Turkey track and for sharing your discoveries! How does Aunt Nellie cream her onions, I am curious to know, I love mother, aunt and grandmother cooking so much.

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Creamed onions are something I have never ever tried, how DOES one cream an onion?

Pink Granite said...

Hi Ilva & Morgan -
You're most welcome! We felt that the liqueur research really needed to be done!

Thank you both for asking about the creaming process. Your questions made me realize I needed to edit the post and add some links!

Aunt Nellie's is a very old brand (now owned by Seneca Foods) which my family has been using for as long as I can remember. (Proof it is really old!) I tried to find more information on their history prior to their acquisition by Seneca in the 1990s, but I came up short.

When we buy the Aunt Nellie's "Holland" onions in the glass jars, we always look for jars with the smallest onions. They seem to be the most tender. A dish of creamed onions is always part of a turkey dinner in our family. It's so yummy up against the dressing. And it provides a tangy taste which is quite different from the gravy as well as the sweet sour taste of the cranberry sauce.

Thanks again!
- Lee

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Oooo a tangy white sauce then? I'll bet that would make a fabo addition to a lasagne too!

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM -
Ooooh aren't you clever!