Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ice Out

Our local high school track is clear! Even though our part of Central Massachusetts has missed out on the very heavy snows which have pounded our neighbors to the east and south, we have had constant snow cover for months. Our snow sneaks (similar to these) are great, but the iciness and uneven surface, pushed us into the salty, sandy parking lots. This afternoon we were able to wear our regular sneakers and walk on the track. With the exception of some icy puddles and slick spots it was good. And the slippery sections just gave us an excuse to hold hands to insure against a fall!

When the weather has been truly dismal (snow, sleet, bitter cold, etc.) I’ve been doing some of my Leslie Sansone “Walk At Home” tapes. (Also available here) My VHS tapes are several years old, but I assume that her contemporary DVDs are just as good, if not better. You start out walking in place - easy peasy. Then you add a few extra steps and you can incorporate your own hand weights as well. The introductory tape is brief. You get to the end of it and think, O.K. I can do this. Where’s the next tape? Soon you’re up to thirty minutes and then more. Honestly, once you get used to the pattern, you can flip on the TV and watch your favorite show while you walk. Chuck has tried doing the “Walk At Home” tapes with me. Let’s say it wasn’t a good fit for his personality! He didn’t mind Ms. Sansone. However he does want to actually go somewhere when he walks! So do I. That’s why we were both so happy to have the track available again. But, for me anyway, the tapes are good back up plan.


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But I thought you'd enjoy anything related to the cold, just because it would contrast with your warm weather!
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