Wednesday, February 10, 2010

First Flakes Falling

The snow began at about 9:15 this morning. Big, fluffy flakes are drifting down now. The meteorologists are continuing to revise their forecasts. We were in 12 inches plus for quite some time. But now Matt Noyes of NECN has “tightened” his snow accumulation prediction such that we are now in 3 to 6 inches. Mr. Noyes is very good at his job and I have no complaints about a downgrade from a foot of snow! Compared to southern and coastal New England, not to mention the Mid-Atlantic states, we have gotten off very easy this winter. So as Chuck’s 101 year old Grandma used to say when she felt she was not in as tough a situation as someone else: “I’ll take my own laundry back in off the line, thank you.”!

: : 11:20 a.m. Update: Nary a flake is currently falling.

: : 1:50 p.m. Update:  Snow is falling again & just beginning to stick to walkways.

: : 5:30 p.m. Update: As the last of the light drains from the sky, we still have light snow, but very little accumulation.

: : 9:25 p.m. Update: Was it the comedians Bob and Ray who used to say: “Well this has been one big fizzle.”? Anyhoo, at least here in Central Massachusetts, this ballyhooed storm has been one big fizzle. Even Matt Noyes Tweeted the following: “Oh Boy. Most of you saw a big, fat forecast "bust." Sincere apologies...”

Considering how brutally the storms have been hitting other parts of the country I am not complaining. May everyone stay safe and dry and warm...


dancingmorganmouse said...

fingers crossed you, Chuck and the furries stay safe and warm and you don't have to get out that special tool for removing snow from the roof!

Sue said...

Glad that you weren't hit too hard!! Also got my fingers crossed that it stays warm for you! It's a bit too hot here at the moment...

Pink Granite said...

Hi DMM & Sue -
The way the meteorologists were apologizing I felt bad for them. Meteorology is as much art as science. But we came out of it all with little more than a dusting. Even my Mom in Rhode Island didn't get hit as hard as they had predicted.

We'll stay cold and windy for awhile - but only seasonably so.
Wish I could send some of that cold air both of your ways!
Thank you!