Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blue Gray

Someone should tell me to “put down the keyboard and step away from the computer” when I feel like this. No it’s not political angst - although if I spent a nanosecond thinking about the topic I’m sure I could find something to post about. No, I am in a blue funk. I know I am overtired. I know it was a gray, rainy day today, both here and down in Rhode Island, where we went to see my Mom. (Because of our colds we had been politely banned from her presence for a couple of weeks!) My Mom did have some health hiccups over the last several days which had us worried. But while she seemed a little tired, Mom was generally in fine fettle. In fact, once she had hold of the shopping cart in the stores, if Chuck or I stopped for a second, we would see this blur of a little old lady in tennis shoes zipping down the aisle! That was encouraging and reassuring.

So I don’t know exactly what has me down in the dumps. But I am going to put down the keyboard and hope that a good night’s sleep helps get me back on track.


Anonymous said...

Here's hoping that you and Chuck awoke in good health & spirits!

"Guided by the Ancestors"

Sue said...

Hope you're feeling better soon :) Nothing worse then a grey day to 'compliment' a grey mood! Glad you were granted permission to visit your mum again!!

Anonymous said...

Ah we all have those.. sending big hugs just in time for you to have woken up to feeling fabulous again xxx Ronnie x

dancingmorganmouse said...

Ahh, the Blues, I get them too, it's a mystery why most of the time. It will pass, the blues do, though that doesn't help while it looms.
I hope some pinks or yellows hit you soon.

Anonymous said...


Glad Mom was "chipper", she has sounded upbeat lately when I have spoken with her.


Pink Granite said...

Hi All -
Thank you for your kind and cheerful wishes!
My cold is in its waning days; Chuck's close behind.
I did feel much better today - a good night's rest, sunshine and all of you contributed to the turnaround!
Many thanks -
- Lee