Friday, June 5, 2009

Two Xs

I’ll keep this brief.

On this day, as I have been on so, so many other days, over more decades than I care to count, I am grateful for these.

And, just a few months before my fiftieth birthday last year, I learned that there was no law, no proscription requiring this prescription to be cycled three-one-three-one-three-one ad infinitum. I already was profoundly grateful because, after the dream of children had passed, that prescription and two compassionate doctors saved me from undesirable surgery. But the freedom from that incessant and onerous pattern - however briefly it shall be true for me - has been a Godsend.

I promised I would keep it brief.


Irene said...

Oh, I can so relate...

Anonymous said...

Hello Lee,

In the meantime, I nominated you for the Puckerbrush Award of Excellence!
(Check it out here:

"Guided by the Ancestors"

dancingmorganmouse said...

that second link crashed my puter! But the first one, oooo bebe, I can relate.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Irene & Morgan -
So glad to know I am not alone!
I really, truly do not know how women in other centuries survived it ALL!
- Lee

Hi George -
Thank you so very much!
I am truly honored.
- Lee