Friday, June 26, 2009

Good Men and Women All

I am posting a copy of the letter I received from The Courage Campaign. Lieutenant Dan Choi may be fired from the military for having stated he is gay. This statement of truth is in violation of the wrongheaded Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy (DADT). Please read the letter and then click on the link at the bottom to sign a letter of support.

A Letter From Daniel W. Choi:

Dear Reader,

On Tuesday at 8 a.m., I will stand trial for speaking three truthful words: “I am gay.”

On Tuesday, I will face a panel of colonels who will decide whether or not to fire me -- to discharge me for "moral and professional dereliction" under the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy.

On Tuesday, I will try to prove that it's not immoral to tell the truth.

As an infantry officer, an Iraq combat veteran and a West Point graduate with a degree in Arabic, I refuse to lie to my commanders. I refuse to lie to my peers. I refuse to lie to my subordinates.

My case requires that I provide personal testimony from people who can attest to my character. That's why several members of my military unit have written letters of support and offered to testify on my behalf.

Now I need your help. ANYONE who believes the Army should not fire me can take a stand right now. I am bringing a statement of support to Tuesday’s trial and I need you to add your signature to it. Will you support me by signing this statement before Tuesday?

I want to thank the 141,262 people who have signed the "Don't Fire Dan" letter launched a few weeks ago by the Courage Campaign and CREDO Mobile to President Obama, asking him to take leadership to bring this tragic policy to an end.

The momentum is building. This week, 77 members of Congress signed a letter to the President citing my service as an example of why DADT should be repealed. And a Gallup poll was recently released showing that 69 percent of Americans -- including 58 percent of Republicans - favor allowing openly gay men and lesbian women to serve their country .

As I learned at West Point, deception and lies poison a unit and cripple a fighting force. That's why more than 70 of my fellow West Point graduates have also come out of the closet to join Knights Out, the organization I co-founded to build support for the repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".

The only way we will eventually overturn “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is by speaking up together. You can help me fight back right now by adding your name to my statement of support. On Tuesday morning I will bring your signature -- and thousands of others -- to my trial as a demonstration of your collective support.

National security means many things, but the thing that makes us secure in our nation and homes is love. What makes me a better soldier, leader, Christian and human being is love. And I'm not going to hide my love.

Love is worth it.

Thank you for your support.

Daniel W. Choi
New York Army National Guard

I urge you to take a moment to click here to support Dan. Thank you.


Jeff Barnard said...

That gays should still have to petition our government for something like this six months into the Obama administration is the most outrageous betrayal of all.

barbie2be said...

this is just so wrong. Lt. Choi (and others) have chosen to serve our country in it's time of need. the rule banning gays in the military is so outdated and discriminatory it needs to be changed.

Anonymous said...

This is just one of the few things that I am sure will be changed once the Obama administration gets into the swing of thing. The DADT and of course the famous Prop 8 are relics of a fearful nation.. one in which gay people are reduced to second class (if that) citizens. If a man is so brave and selfless to fight for your freedom - why the hell would anybody deny him the freedom to be and declare just exactly who he is. I will pray for Mr Choi on Tuesday.

Pink Granite said...

Hi Jeff & B2B -
I agree completely.
- Lee

Hi Ronnie -
That's a brilliant turn of phrase: "relics of a fearful nation".
I hope that your optimism will be rewarded and that the Obama administration and the Congress will eliminate DADT. Based on surveys, they are lagging well behind the general citizenry who want it repealed.
Thank you so much.
- Lee