Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Calling All Worcester-ites

When the Bamboo Hut restaurant on lower Main Street in Worcester closed (just for remodeling? permanently???) we began looking forward to its re-opening. As time has ticked by, we’ve noticed a number of other Vietnamese restaurants, including some in the Stafford Street/Webster Square area. My question is this: Do you have any recommendations for a really good Vietnamese restaurant in Worcester?

Just let me know via the comments and thanks in advance!


Jeff Barnard said...

The only info I could find about the Bamboo Hut was that it closed in May. Whoever bought it may now be in the same kind of financial straits as just about everybody else.

There's a list of vegetarian and vegan friendly Worcester restaurants at VegWorcester. And here's a list of Worcester restaurants featuring Vietnamese Cuisine... which still lists the Bamboo Hut.

Not being a fan of Vietnamese cuisine, though, I can't make any recommendations.

Jeff Barnard said...

Just as an afterthought, and because of the title of your post, you might try joining the Worcesterite forum and posing the question there. It's a very well traveled collection of Worcester-centric folks over there!

Pink Granite said...

Hi Jeff -
Thanks so much for all the information, links and hot leads! I knew you'd have the facts and/or be able to point me in the right direction(s)!
I'll definitely follow up and see what advice I can glean from the sites.
Happy New Year!
- Lee