Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Backing Up

Ever since we got our laptop computer two years ago, we have been using Apple's own (plainly named) "Backup" program to back up everything on our computer to DVDs. We did the enormous, take-forever back up once and then incremental backups every single week since then. But we kept hearing about the need for additional back ups, generally triple back ups, including one kept outside of your home. Worse still, we heard the horror stories of folks whose computers crashed, hard drives died, or laptops were stolen and they didn't have all their stuff backed up! Yikes! As increasing amounts of our "lives" are connected to our computer, we realized it was time to take the "belt and suspenders approach". So we purchased an external hard drive. That's what we've been working on today. So far so good. Once we finish the process, I'll let you know how it's working. Meanwhile, take this opportunity to go back up your stuff!

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