Saturday, January 7, 2012

We’re Zipping Down The Rabbit Hole Again Folks

Living this close to the state of New Hampshire, just before the presidential primaries, means we are inundated with political ads. This is not my favorite season. I keep my finger on the mute button and much of the time manage to simply tune out the unrelenting blathering buzz. But recently Massachusetts’ former governor Willard Mitt Romney began running an ad which penetrated - gall can do that you know. In the television ad Republican Romney calls President Obama “pessimistic”. Pessimistic? Really? REALLY? “Yes We Can” and “Hope” are now classified as pessimistic?

These people really will say anything to get elected.
And we still have to slog through eleven more months of this.

You can click the link to see the Romney ad ironically/oddly/head-shakingly titled American Optimism. Brace yourself and do watch out for the funhouse mirrors.

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Kate said...

Yes the commercials are not pleasant. When are the republicans, particularly the super-right republicans, going to realize Mitt is the only viable national candidate?