Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smoky Goodness

Chuck and I first tasted a Chipotle based salsa at a Mexican restaurant in Redmond, Washington many years ago. We were so taken with it, we asked the staff about it. Then we went off in search of some wonderfully smoky Chipotle sauce. We tried several, but eventually settled on Tabasco Chipotle. We love it so much we travel with it! We also use McCormick dried Chipotle. I use the Tabasco and the McCormick in all sorts of dishes, not just Mexican inspired ones.

On the other hand, I’ve always been unimpressed by paprika. I am especially opposed to the “decorative” use of paprika - sprinkled over deviled eggs for example. Sorry, but it always reminds me of red chalk dust. Recently I began to read about smoked paprika. Now that sounded intriguing. I decided to give it a whirl. I found a tin at Whole Foods. It was pure chance that I chose the exquisite La Vera Sweet Smoked Spanish Paprika from Safinter. It was a revelation! It imparts a fabulous smoky depth comparable to Chipotle but with more distinct red pepper flavor - plus it’s more versatile than Chipotle. I love it! I may even consider dusting it over a deviled egg...


Ms Brown Mouse said...

I make a wonderful bean & veg soup flavoured with smoked paprika in the wintertime.
Ooo, and beef stew cooked long and low w smoked paprika is wonderful :)

Sue said...

OK, I'm up to speed. I have also never found the magic purpose of paprika and also find it a bit stupidly used - DMM will have to share her recipes!


PS. up-to-date on your posts. Need to know about the babies in the family ;)

Kate said...

Smoked paprika and deviled eggs are delicious!

Roo said...

Crikey - I am so behind - Sue, I have literally just made a bean, lamb, and potato casserole, with a good heap of smoked paprika, and the scent in the kitchen is mouthwatering!