Monday, January 16, 2012

A Moment

Yesterday we drove down to Rhode Island for the first time since Christmas. We visited with my Mom as well as Al, Carrie and Isabella Rose. Izzy is in constant motion now. She has graduated from walking while holding on to two hands, to holding on to only one hand! (Racing down the hallway with her, while bent over holding her little hand, is a chiropractor’s dream scenario!) She is also saying “Hi!” for both hello and goodbye - rather like one uses Aloha or Shalom!

Because of her bottomless energy, most of my photographs of Bella are now quite blurry. This quiet moment on Uncle Chuck, examining his Lapis Lazuli beads, was a beautiful exception.

In other family baby news, our niece Kate’s pregnancy is progressing smoothly (Yes, I am knocking on wood!). And she is the only pregnant woman I have ever known who grows lovelier by the month. Kate, her husband Phil and the entire extended family are excitedly awaiting the arrival of Isabella’s cousin Finn, sometime in February!


Katie C said...

Absolutely gorgeous photo. :)

Ms Brown Mouse said...

That is a lovely photo. You should get Izzy some amber beads, apparently they are THE thing for small folk, both my sister's kids have them, safety ones, so no strangles :)

Sue said...

What a beautiful picture!! Chuck looks as fascinated with Izzy as she is with his beads. It's lovely that you have such a good relationship with her; she's a lucky girl!

So good to hear that everything's going so well with Kate and I can't wait to hear of Finn's safe arrival. Thought it was sometime soon!

Thanks for the lovely update.

Sue X

Mama Bear Kate said...

Why thank you! There are a number of adjectives I can think of to describe the late weeks of pregnancy (some of them not appropriate for public consumption), and let me tell you, beautiful is not one that immediately came to mind.

Good thing at the end of pregnancy comes this adorable little bundle that you have a lifetime to shape and mold right into psychotherapy. Oh wait, that's not the point of parenting is it?

I should read some books or something on the subject to get ready...

Pink Granite said...

Thanks Katie C! I was so happy to have caught the moment and I loved the light.

Thanks DMM!
The amber beads are a new concept. I must investigate...

Thanks Sue!
And thank you for the reminder for the family update!

Hi Mama Bear Kate -
It's all true!
You look wonderful!
And, well, yes, there really is still a little time left to read a book or two about babies and birthing and burping and such things!

Fiona said...

What a beautiful photograph of Chuck and Isabella. She is soooo cute. Nothing like little toddlers to make you laugh and fill your heart with love. xx

Ms Brown Mouse said...

I'll try to remember to send you some links :)

Roo said...

Hey hey - missed this, I know I have been tardy again!.

How super is that photo, that is truly one I wish I could say " I took that", it's brilliant xx