Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Well, technically second cousins and second cousins who had only just met. But you wouldn’t have guessed that if you had you seen them together this afternoon!

Our 13 year old grandniece Alex, visiting from the west coast, gave her second cousin, our 11 month old grandniece Isabella, a whole lot of support and encouragement today in the crawling department. Alex took a hands on approach, getting Izzy into a good starting gate position and then provided a little hip assist. Very soon Isabella was rocking back and forth. Shortly thereafter, Izzy did a nifty 360 degree crab crawl / spin the bottle sort of move. Isabella’s Mom, Carrie, loved it and figures it’s probably time to get the baby gates up!


Sue said...

Oh how sweet! I remember Jake trying to teach Connor to crawl too! And I can't help in the midst of winter to note what a gorgeous tan Alex has!! It'll be moments before Issy is all over the show!

Sue x

Ms Brown Mouse said...

Yep, the time to relax is over, she'll be all over the place soon ... and then the climbing begins :)

Fiona said...

How cute are they...I cannot believe how quickly Isabella has grown. So happy that she is getting so strong. She will soon have then all on the hop. xx