Thursday, July 7, 2011

Mount Rainier

On every trip we have taken to Seattle, Washington we have always been able to glimpse Mount Rainier at least once. You would think that at 14,411 feet or 4,392 meters, it would be a constant presence. But it is frequently shrouded in clouds, fog, rain or snow. On our most recent trip, we saw Rainier on the clearest day we have ever experienced in the Northwest. It was absolutely stunning. We saw it repeatedly as we drove around the area - but only from the highways. I never got a photograph of it that day. Sorry. The next day we were out on Lake Washington on the boat belonging to Chuck’s sister and her husband. In the distance, slowly but surely being cloaked back in clouds, was Mount Rainier. It was, as if, on our last afternoon in Seattle, it was bidding us farewell.

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Sue said...

How beautiful! We have Table Mountain as the backdrop to our city and it's amazing how seldom one ever stops to look at it! I love mountains.

Sue X