Sunday, May 8, 2011

She Was Wonderful

I was very lucky. I had a second Mom, my maternal grandmother. Her given name was Marion, but we all called her Gagee. She was terrific. Intelligent, warm and funny; she was a woman who epitomized unconditional love. And she was a hugger; eager to wrap you up in a big embrace.

That’s Gramps and Gagee, with Gagee holding Carrie Elizabeth in her arms. Gramps was 76, Gagee 75. When the photo was snapped, they had been married for almost 54 years; parents to two daughters, grandparents to ten, great-grandparents to - well, the arithmetic fails me. Were Gagee to magically be alive today, she would be crocheting up a whole bushel of booties for Isabella Rose. And she would surely be looking at Izzy with that same joyous smile that beamed at Carrie almost 35 years ago.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Ms Brown Mouse said...

So glad you did have a hugger in your life growing up, it's really, really important to have at least one hugger :) *virtual hug*

Pink Granite said...

Hi Morgan -
There were other huggers in the family, but Gagee was a quintessential hugger!
A *virtual hug* right back to you!

Anonymous said...

What a great shot!!!


Sue said...

How very special! And how lucky you were to have that sort of granny. My maternal grandparents lived 30 mins away and while we adored my gran, my grandfather was not a very nice man. Put mildly, my mother never let us out her sights when we visited. Typically, my granny dies when she was just 68 and I only 10. My grandfather died after I got married, when I was 24.

Paternally, my grandfather died when my dad was 16. My gran died just before I got married. She adored us and lived in the same neighbourhood for a chunk of our childhood. Still, she was a drinking tea, while the kids did the dishes kind of granny, not the kind that hires movies and stays in bed all day eating sweets.

My mom, on the other hand, is the kind of granny that smothers the kids with love. She spoils them and loves them too much.

You never know how long you're going to be around for, you just have to decide how you want to be remembered!

Glad you had such a wonderful, cuddling grandmother, you don't know how lucky your are!

Sue xxx