Monday, November 27, 2006

Her Given Name Was Marion...

Her given name was Marion but by the time she passed in 1996 everyone knew her as Gagee. Marion was born in 1901. By the mid 1920s she was married to Merv and had given birth to two daughters. This photo of Marion as a very young girl has the name Gagee written on it in Gagee's own hand. The story goes that my eldest sister couldn't say Grandma, but could say Gagee and the name stuck. Gagee was an awesome grandmother long before the word awesome came into such popular usage. She raised two daughters, and was the proud grandmother of 10. She embodied love. Gagee was a giver and a hugger. She was quick to laugh, slow to anger and took great joy in everything connected with her family.

This photo was taken of Gagee just a few years before she passed. Already well into her 90s you can see the delight on her face as she clapped her hands in happiness. Gagee never learned to drive, never had an answering machine or a cell phone. She never heard of a Blog. But she'd probably think this was all pretty cool! Her family continues to grow with great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Those of us who were lucky enough to know her well, still miss her ten years after her death. And all the other family members know her through the family stories. Love you Gagee. Thanks for everything.

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Gail said...

loved it, keep on creating these wonderful memories!!!!