Thursday, October 22, 2009

No On 1 - Protect Maine Equality

When we first arrived in Maine I was dismayed by all the negative ads on television and the lawn signs promoting "Yes on 1". It began to feel like last year's presidential campaign or this summer's "tea parties". But as the days have passed, we've seen more pro-marriage equality signs with the slogan "No On 1 - Protect Maine Equality" and noticed more television and radio ads in the same vein.

Today I became aware of this footage of Philip Spooner of Biddeford, Maine. Mr. Spooner is a World War II Veteran, a Veterans of Foreign Wars Chaplain, a widower and the father of four sons - one of whom is gay. The video is very moving and sums up the fight for marriage equality simply and eloquently.

Vote NO on 1 - Protect Maine Equality


Anonymous said...

Ok, so now I have a big lump in my throat.. Couldn't have said it better myself.. especially the part where he says they didn't raise their boys with the idea that three of them would have the same rights/opportnities and the other wouldn't because he is gay. So true.
Ronnie xx

Roo said...