Monday, January 26, 2015

Milk, Bread & Eggs

There was a cute article in the Washington Post: Milk and Bread Are Actually Pretty Terrible Survival Foods.

We all joke about the French Toast Alert System and rushing to the store before storms, stripping the shelves bare. The Washington Post article takes all that on and wonders why we do it.

I believe a big reason we do what we do goes back decades.
What three staples used to be delivered to homes because they were perishable and we ran out of them?
Yup. Milk, Bread & Eggs...

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millie garfield said...

I just saw that you are following me on twitter SO I decided to visit your blog.

Read your stuff, good stuff.

Re: your Milk, Bread and Eggs - I did a post on Milk, Bread and Toilet Paper! ;-)