Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sex Sells

Now that I have your attention...

Today is National Voter Registration Day!

Are you registered to vote?

Well done!

Will you be voting in the upcoming presidential election on Tuesday, November 6, 2012?
I’m really proud of you!

Wait - you’re NOT registered yet?

Take a deep breath. There’s still time.

Here are the deadlines for a few states where friends and family live:

Here in Massachusetts you have until Wednesday, October 17, 2012!.

In Georgia you only have until Tuesday, October 9, 2012!.

In Rhode Island you have just until Sunday, October 7, 2012!.

In Maine you have until Tuesday, October 16, 2012!.

In Arizona you have until Tuesday, October 9, 2012!.

In Washington you only have until Saturday, October 6, 2012!.

In California you have until Monday, October 22, 2012!.

Do you live in another state and need information on how to register?
Here you go:

National Voter Registration Day
RockTheVote’s voter registration
The United States Election Assistance Commission

And last, but not least, Huffington Post has Registration And Voting Instructions For All 50 States

psssst... Do Something!
Register To VOTE!

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Sue said...

Whahaha - super clever advertising, well done! Pity I'm too far away for my vote to count, but here's a vote for Lee'nChuck!

Sue X

Pink Granite said...

Hi Sue -
Thanks for the vote for "Lee'nChuck"!
- Lee