Friday, November 25, 2011

Thankful Times Five

Yesterday was Thanksgiving, the traditional day for gratitude and I can assure you, there was gratitude in abundance. Today is the fifth anniversary of Pink Granite which leaves me thankful for you, the reader. This past year and a half or so found Chuck and I immersed in both worries and joy - and seemingly always on the go. Unfortunately, that has meant my posting on PG has been less predictable and less frequent. Which only serves to heighten my gratitude to you for stopping by, for reading, for commenting and for returning month after month for the last five years!
This heart’s for you...


Ilva said...

i'm noot the best of blog reader and commenter but I have of late realized that I cherish my old blog friends very much! Big hug

Karl Hakkarainen said...

Thanks for these five years. You've brought good stories and helped to build the fabric of this community.

Sue said...

Yay! Happy birthday PG! Glad that I have been around to share in your journey for a chunk of the 5 years. I don't always comment, but I do stop by often to see what you and Chuck and the rest of your family are up to and always enjoy it!

Hope your thanksgiving was good this year!!

Sue xxx

PS. Love the picture, I love heart rocks!

Pink Granite said...

Thank you very much Ilva, Karl and Sue!
- Lee