Saturday, June 18, 2011


I may have been born in the city of Providence, Rhode Island, but I grew up in suburbia. I have lived in a few cities, including Worcester, Massachusetts. Now I make my home in a rural community. So my city forays are for shopping, education, cultural activities, entertainment, sporting events and dining. That’s why this photo opportunity was irresistible to me.

The Amtrak train we were on called “The Empire Builder” (I know. It is so very cool they name their routes!) made a stop in Spokane, Washington. The back half of the train was being separated and would follow a southerly route to Portland, Oregon, while our “consist” would continue along to Seattle, Washington. Spokane was one of the few stops long enough to allow the passengers the chance to get off onto the adjacent platform. When the train glided to a halt, this wonderful old brick building was right outside the window of our sleeping car.

I love photographing the natural world in all its splendor, but now I have a strong urge to look at the city with fresh eyes; a camera in hand.


Ms Brown Mouse said...

Biscuit eh? Not Cookie?

Roo said...

Olde English?

Don't forget we are two nations separated by a common language ;o)

I love these building with big hand painted adverts, just like the ones we have over here. In fact a lot of the UK ones have preservation orders on them.

Dbfivegirl said...

I love that a 'National Biscuit Company' was housed in such an unimposing building. These days a company with such broad aspirations would have very swank corporate premises in some major capital:)